The question "Why move to Village on the Ridge?" has as many answers as people of whom it can be asked. It depends on your personal situation or circumstance.


For one it could be that children have moved out of the house, and there is no longer a need for the family home. For another it might be a desire to divest themselves of maintaining a larger property. For someone else it may be the allure of freedom to simply lock the door and not worry about your home while traveling. It could also be a desire to free up capital. And for still others it may be the realisation that you're getting older, and it's better to be proactive in making a lifestyle change than to be forced into an unsavoury decision later.


Whatever the reason for moving to Village on the Ridge, there are also a myriad of additional reasons that residents point to after moving in - reasons they had not even considered when making their choice.  For the truth is, Village on the Ridge is a great place to call "home". Double exclamation mark. Period.


Walk through its halls, spend time in the common room or patio, pull into your private secure indoor parking space, engage in conversation with those who have also already embraced the "Village" lifestyle, or hunker down with a good book and a glass of wine in your own living room or private balcony.


Whatever your life rythmn, whatever your personality or propensity, you'll appreciate that this is more than just a beautiful building with spacious elegant suites. It's a friendly place. It's an inviting place. It's a great place to call home.