The choice of neighbourhood and community is an increasingly important factor in the home buying process. This factor is accentuated as you approach retirement.


Your lifestyle is as important as the ideal features that your are looking for in a prospective home, making it essential to not only have the details of a potential new home, but also the neighbourhood in which it is located and where you may eventually live.


Considerations such as demographics, local amenities, transportation, traffic, social engagement, crime rates, weather, and other tangible and intangible influences in the surrounding community are all key aspects of selecting the ideal home and location for you and your lifestyle.


The following information regarding Drayton and area (Mapleton Township) has been prepared to assist you in making a qualified assessment of the broader community of which Village on the Ridge is an important part.


Come See For Yourself - You'll Love Mapleton Township

Fall Colours in Hollen, Mapleton Township

As real estate professionals who have made their homes and raised their families in Mapleton township, John Zwart and Laurie Langdon understand why this community is such a special place in which to live. 


Mapleton township is located in the northwestern part of Wellington county in southwestern Ontario. It is bordered along its eastern and northern boundary by the Wellington County townships of Centre Wellington, North Wellington, and Minto; along its northwestern and western boundary by the Perth County townships of North Perth and Perth East; and along its southern boundary by the Region of Waterloo townships of Wellesley and Woolwich. The town of Drayton with a population of approximately 2,000 is the largest community in the township and is situated practically at its centre. Other smaller communities include Alma, Bosworth, Glen Allan, Goldstone, Kumpfville, Hollen, Lebanon, Moorefield, Parker, Rothsay, Spruce Green, Stirton, Trecastle, Winfield, and Wyandot.  


Mapleton township is a relatively new political entity, having been formed two decades ago by an amalgamation of the townships of Maryborough and Perth on January 1, 1999.

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