Choosing to purchase a new suite at Village on the Ridge is an exciting life decision that requires some initial considerations to ensure you make the perfect choice.
Before browsing floor plans and amenities, reflect on the following questions: 
How large does the living space have to be for me to be comfortable?
How many bedrooms and bathrooms are required?
What floor do I want to live on, and what view will I have from balconies and windows? 
What are my current parking and transportation needs?
If downsizing, will I be okay with living in a smaller space? 
How important is having a home close to children, grandchildren and local amenities? 
Village on the Ridge is a community where decisions sometimes involve compromise with other residents. Am I okay with that?
Are there special considerations required for hobbies, guests, potential additions to the family, physical limitations or disabilities?
The answers to these questions will help you determine the suite and living arrangment that will be best for you, ensuring satisfaction with your decision for years to come.   

The Trecastle (Suites 101, 201, 301)

The Riverside (Suites 107, 207, 307)